Daniela Popescu


There is always a right time for everything…because everything happens for a reason.

That`s how I would describe my experience at the agency. Just imagine: someone who has got her BA in International Relations and History, who worked as tour guide at the Romanian Parliament, who just started her PhD in Diplomacy decides it is the right moment for one more field of activity so… she starts working in copyright industry.

Born and raised in a town not far from the capital of Romania, attending  a bilingual high school majoring in philology, with many book stores and antique shops around, I`ve always dreamed to be a successful writer, maybe under the influence of my readings from John Fowles, Stendhal, Bulgakov, Dostoyevsky and why not, every young person`s  favorite J. K. Rowling. Yet, due to the mysteries of life, once I arrived in Bucharest I chose to study Foreign Policy at the Faculty of History. Maybe I was not very consistent with my passion for fictional literature and with my dream of becoming a successful novel writer.  But, in my defense, History had always been my second love.

At the beginning of my new journey in the agency I kept asking myself: who could have ever imagined that a book had to follow such a long path to get in the hands of the right reader? Well…that`s pretty much what happens with all good things in life: they take time and a lot of effort to be accomplished.

Ok, ok, I promise, no more parables!

One day I`ve met Livia and Oana. The red thread seems to have been our love for books, no matter if we speak of fiction, history, psychology or even children books. Working with this wonderful team, I`ve discovered how great it is to watch the path of a book becoming reality, from the point of finding out about it, to promoting it, and finally, getting to see it in the book stores and hearing news about people enjoying it. At the same time I am very lucky to have met two wonderful people: Livia, who is always patient and willing to teach you everything that she knows (as a true mentor does) - no need to mention that she is a huge fan of books; and Oana, who always has the right words to cheer you up, keeps in step with literary news and likes to share her passion for reading.

So, for me, working for Livia Stoia Literary Agency is a new challenge that continues to thrill me every day and I really look forward to discovering new titles and of course to playing my part in sharing them with others.  I am always interested in the novelties in our portfolio, even though my main activity is keeping the balance between the administrative issues that burden our everyday life in the agency and the proper course of a book that is to be translated in a foreign language. This second part allows me to be in touch with new great titles and have the opportunity to share my passion for books, which are from my point of view a sort of a parallel universe which you can discover each time when you open one, no matter if it`s paperback, hardcover or e-book.